Crowns and Bridges

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Dental Crown

The crown of a tooth is the part that is covered by the enamel. A restorative crown replaces this outer portion to protect and strengthen the tooth. This protection is required when a tooth cracks, has its structure weakened by decay or becomes brittle after a root canal. Crowns can also conceal dental implants or abutment teeth when fitting a bridge. Crowns cover discolored or aesthetically displeasing teeth

The decayed part of the tooth is removed and then prepared for a crown. It may be thinned out from the outside edges to a smaller version of the tooth and is strengthened with a core, or a buildup. An impression of the artificial tooth and the teeth adjacent to it is made. A retraction cord is placed around the tooth to get the impression medium below the gum where the crown will be fitted. The dentist then creates a new crown, using a cast made from this impression.