Emergency Dentistry
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Emergency Dentistry

It’s impossible to predict when you’re going to have a dental emergency. But when pain or injury strike, the last thing you need to worry about is finding a dentist who will see you right away. At Michelle Hedgecock, DDS we are here to help you schedule an emergency appointment to determine the source of the problem and the best course of treatment. Our emergency appointments include a limited examination with radiographs and, depending on the problem, we’ll complete a palliative care procedure to alleviate symptoms, prescribe medications if needed, and if time allows we will complete definitive procedures. 

When you need to see a dentist right away

When you have a dental emergency that can’t wait, please email us or fill or click on the schedule an appointment button below.; otherwise you can leave a message on our office voicemail 512-501-2385 or you can book an appointment with us on our online appointment portal here. All patients must be seen for a limited exam appointment to determine treatment for the problematic area.


Same day dental emergencies

Dental pain, trauma, and injuries do not always require immediate emergency dental work. But when you do need to see a dentist right away, you can rely on Michelle Hedgecock, DDS to help. Some types of dental emergencies we treat include:

  • Toothaches 
  • Chipped, cracked, loose, missing or fractured teeth
  • Injuries and accidents affecting the teeth and inside of the mouth
  • Infections, swelling, or tenderness on your cheeks, jaw, or gums

Temporary relief for your dental emergency

When you have a dental emergency, before you see your dentist there are a few things you can do to reduce pain and prevent swelling or injury from worsening. 

Cracked or broken tooth

Call your dentist to schedule an emergency appointment, then recover any fragments from your broken tooth. If you’re experiencing pain or have a cut on the inside of your mouth, gently swish warm water to keep the injury clean. To reduce swelling, hold a cold compress outside of your mouth over the injured area. 

Knocked out tooth

Losing a tooth in an accident is scary, but it’s something that dentists deal with all the time. First, call your dentist and request an appointment in the next 30 minutes. If you can, recover the knocked out tooth. Just be sure to avoid holding it by the roots. Rinse the tooth in water and then reposition it back into the socket. Hold it in place by gently biting down. If you can’t replace the tooth, keep it moist, either in your mouth or in a cup with some milk. Don’t put the tooth in a dry tissue or cloth, or soak it in plain water. It’s best to see your dentist within 30 minutes, but don’t panic! it’s still possible to save a tooth if it’s outside of your mouth for more than an hour.

Loose tooth

For an adult, a loose tooth could be indicative of a tooth injury, disease, infection, or damage to your jaw. Call your dentist right away so she can see you to perform an oral examination, and take X-rays if needed. Early treatment can prevent an infection from spreading and possibly eliminate the need for an extraction.


Telltale signs of a bad toothache are persistent throbbing and sore or tender gums. Or you may have sharp pain radiating to your neck or ears. If the soft tissue around the painful tooth is warm to the touch and looks more reddish in color than normal, you might have an abscess, which can lead to an infection. Quickly call your dentist to schedule an emergency appointment.

To treat pain, you can take an over-the-counter medication like ibuprofen.  Any swelling that can be seen outside of the mouth on the face or in the neck is a true emergency and can be fatal if not treated.  

When to call the dentist

If you’re having any kind of dental emergency, whether it’s a loose or cracked tooth, pain, swelling, or a possible infection, don’t wait to have an oral examination. Call Michelle Hedgecock, DDS to speak to someone about scheduling an emergency dentist appointment. Or book your appointment online here.