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Dental Crown

Diagram of dental crowns with varying placementA dental crown comes in the form of a cap that is fitted to cover a tooth. People seeking solutions to restore the shape and size of a damaged tooth may consider a crown. Besides, crowns help improve the appearance of a smile. If you have received a filling but it does not solve your problem, a crown may be suggested. Crowns also serve to protect a tooth and restore its structure and strength. At Michelle Hedgecock, DDS, we fit crowns depending on your needs be they temporary or permanent.

What Type of Dental Crowns Should You Choose?

Crowns come in different types. There are metal and porcelain crowns. Metal crowns are made of nickel, chromium, and gold, and they last long because it is hard to break and wear them down. When you want to fit a crown on the molar tooth, metal crowning makes a good choice because it can withstand the biting and chewing force of the teeth.

Porcelain crowns are preferred if you want a piece that matches the teeth. Our dentist will recommend porcelain crowns if you need them for the front and back teeth. If you are seeking an alternative to metal crowns, you can choose pressed ceramics because they last longer. These crowns comprise a hard inner-core that functions as the cap once fitted on the tooth. Moreover, all-ceramic crowns are an option if you want a piece that offers the natural color of a tooth. You can get all-ceramic crowns if you have an allergy to metals. These are a better choice for covering the front teeth.

The Procedure of Fitting Crowns

A procedure for fitting a crown may require two visits. During your first visit, you receive a root canal treatment. A dentist examines your tooth root, drills and cleans the area, and shapes the canal. Once the dentist fills the hole with filling material, during the second visit, which is scheduled after recovering from your root canal treatment, a dental crown is fitted. While not all cases of root canal treatment require the fitting of a crown, if the decay was severe or if the tooth is located at the back area of the dental arch, you may need a temporary crown followed by a permanent cap.

How Long Do Crowns Last?

Depending on the type of material and where they are fitted, dental crowns can last five to 15 years. You will need them repaired or replaced after their lifespan. Depending on the rate of wear and tear, your crown may last a short or a long period.

To get more information about dental crowns and understand when you need them, consult our team at Michelle Hedgecock, DDS. Give us a call now at (512) 617-3361 to request a consultation appointment.
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