Teeth Whitening in Austin, TX

There are those moments when you love your smile because your teeth are sparkling white. Over time, though, you may find your pearly whites start to discolor or yellow. At this point, you may begin to lose confidence. The foods and drinks we consume are a major culprit for teeth discoloration. Smoking also stains your teeth. If your teeth are looking unsightly due to staining, we can bring them back to their white look here at Michelle Hedgecock, DDS. We use advanced teeth whitening technology that ensures the best results.

Why Consider Professional Teeth Whitening?

Our teeth create impressions of other people that we interact with every day. Therefore, ensuring white teeth creates confidence as it improves your look and appearance. Often, people tend to use the DIY whitening kits found in stores, however, they do not produce consistent results. You may have to use these over-the-counter whitening kits persistently, but in the end, you weaken the teeth.

Additionally, some of the products people use to whiten teeth may contain substances that irritate the gums. Moreover, some people may be allergic to the products or the ingredients in them. Choosing our in-office whitening procedure ensures that you get lasting results and eliminate the side effects that come with the at-home whitening kits. Our teeth whitening technique may not offer you permanent results, however, you will have results that last longer compared to DIY whitening treatments. Another benefit is that you are guaranteed safety when undertaking our in-office whitening because the procedure is performed expertly and we take all of the precautions.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

You will receive a preparation procedure where a thorough teeth cleaning is done to do away with plaque and bacteria. Prepping the surface of the tooth ensures that the whitening is effective. The dentist will protect the gums and lips from the light we use during the procedure so that you do not suffer from burns. The dentist applies a whitening gel to the tooth surface, making sure that the gel is evenly spread. We then expose your teeth to a special light, which, in turn, reacts with the gel chemicals, hence dissolving the stains.

The dentist may use fluoride that is applied on the teeth surfaces to help strengthen the enamel. The application of the gel and light exposure may weaken the tooth enamel, hence the need for a fluoride application. That being said, we try to minimize the chances of weakening the enamel by examining your teeth and determining what concentration of gel to use as well as the amount of light. Our teeth whitening is a painless procedure, therefore, you should not worry about it.

If you prefer doing the whitening at home, we can provide you with a special kit that you can use. We provide the instructions to follow so that you do the whitening safely. However, at-home whitening may take more time. You will have to come back into our office to check how the at-home professional whitening is working.

Do not let your discolored teeth take away your confidence. Visit us at Michelle Hedgecock, DDS for professional whitening. Contact us at (512) 501-2385 for an appointment at our office.

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